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Audiovisual support is no longer just a Projector and Screen or a Microphone and Speaker. Request for free quote

Our Reliable Services

At East Coast Audio Visual we believe that everything we do is committed to flawless execution and the highest level of customer service. We pride ourselves to ensure that your satisfaction and that of your attendees is unique and successful. Our focus is on delivering innovative technology, combined with legendary customer service to the corporate, entertainment and special events marketplace nationally and internationally.

From the most basic presentation to a full-fledged theatrical production, we are client focused and provide outstanding customer service by partnering with planners and companies and work hard within the budget for a successful event.

East Coast Audio Visual Best For Your needs

  • Technically Advances Technology
  • Experience Staff
  • 24/7 Top Customer Care
  • National or International
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Your Precision Audio Visual Professionals

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  • East Coast AV
    31 Lafayette Road
    Unit 2C
    Fords NJ 08863
  • Ph : 732.645.2912